This article comes from Alfred's Premier Piano Course, At-Home 1-A

How can I support my child in piano lessons?

  • Show interest in music in everyday life.
  • Take your child to extra-curricular musical events such as recitals, concerts and musicals.
  • Play music in your home and car.
  • Encourage summer piano study.
  • Get a good instrument--it does not have to be  top-of-the-line.  Students won't advance beyond the quality of their instrument.  Have the piano tuned at least once a year to keep it in the best shape.
  • Encourage your child to form a group of friends with similar interests and goals in music.
  • Relate music study to other subjects and life in general.
  • Encourage your child to sing, sight-read and experiment with the piano to foster creativity, improvisation and playing by ear.
  • Encourage your child to read books about music, and use computer programs and websites related to music theory and fundamentals.
  • Encourage your child to experiment with features of digital keyboards.