• 10 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Practice : An article from NPR helps students and parents to maximize practice times. September Issue of Piano Explorer goes over many of the same things! Check it out!
  • Chris Hazelton Trio : Former student, Chris Hazelton, is making a mark in the jazz world. He was a student of mine for about 6 years on piano and was then involved in a variety of musical experiences before settling in on the Hammond 3-B. Piano lessons gave him a foundation for his future musical experiences. Check out his music--especially if you like jazz!
  • Everything about Classical music : This website has lots of good information--everything from a list of essential classical music pieces children should know, to basic information on classical music, cd reviews and even a weekly classical music quiz.
  • Facebook Page : Check out my studio facebook page!
  • Five Piano Guys : A fun song and an interesting way to see some unique ways to play the piano. I don't recommend trying at home!
  • Piano Explorer website : This website has follow-up information to the monthly magazine students receive. This includes listening examples.